Russ Kendrick Martin

Russ Kendrick Martin is a Michigan-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a ripped-from-the-headlines approach to his craft.

Russ tours extensively with his The Low-Budget Roadshow--a one-man guitar-piano-vocal performance that brings the living room to the stage, blending original and well-known songs with a fresh approach to storytelling. 

A seasoned entertainer, He has performed on stages in the biggest music centers in the U.S., including Nashville, TN, Chicago, IL and Athens, Ga.--

His success as a songwriter is due, in part, to his years of working as a broadcast journalist at a small town radio station.  Martin says "News writing helped sharpen the tools I need to put my experiences and observations into words,"--Life as a reporter also provides plenty of material for Martin's character-driven story songs.

A former welder, carpenter and truck driver, Russ also weaves the blue collar experience into his tunes.

Russ signed with Nashville-based Lower Broadway Records in late 2016—The label released his latest album Road Poems in November 2018.

Stream the latest RKM original music below


WHat others are saying about russ Kendrick martin

“Russ Kendrick Martin showcases his wide ranging talent—from his distinctive vocals to his knack for writing about real life—in his debut album Carburetor. With a mix of classic country sound and healthy doses of indie rock and today's country edge, there's something for everyone."

--Brian Reusch, of WCCI Radio in Savanna, IL--

"Russ Kendrick Martin brings a simple approach to entertainment - get the folks inspired, and get 'em wanting more. His set offers a mix of home grown country-esque rock with tastefully crafted twists on cover tunes. Check him out in a town nearby, you won't be disappointed!"

         --Ryan Hudson, Owner/Agent - Hudson Entertainment--