For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is just about to come to a close. While we didn't get blasted with snow like our friends in Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, BOSTON, it's been a cold one here in Michigan.  

We had plenty of ice on the lakes--and plenty of opportunities for chasing fish on those cold winter days. 

These months of colder weather also gave me a chance to slow down and feel the music. When I wasn't in the studio working on my own album, I took the time to do some listening. I discovered some great songs, songwriters and performers. (Bhi Bhiman and George Ezra to name just a couple) 

I also took the time to re discover some old favorites and to appreciate a different approach to some familiar tunes. 

I've always been a fan of Jimmy Dale Gilmore. He has one of the most interesting voices in the business. I love his songs but one of my favorite recordings is his cover version of The Grateful Dead's Ripple . Jimmy knocked it out of the park on that one! (Of course The Dead tore it up too!)

I spent a good portion of the winter allowing my mind to wander over songs old and new. I tried to wander with a purpose-to determine what each song means to me and where the tunes were  taking me--Did I wind up where the songwriter wanted me to go or did I travel to a place of my choosing? The answer of course is "Yes."

 Whether it's a fun song that picks me up, a slow song that leaves me misty, or philosophical song that makes me think, I love a song that takes me somewhere--because music really is about the journey--Think of all the traveling songs that have been written over the years.  

Ahh but a song doesn't necessarily have to be about a physical  place. It could be a time of year--Winter, or a period of life, especially one we all have in common--Youth, or the place could simply be a feeling: joy, sadness, love or fear

As Winter draws to a close I'm looking forward to going places. I've also been wrenching on my old bike. I hope to have it road-ready in time for some new adventures--and along the way I hope to find the inspiration for songs that will take us some place we really want to go.