After weeks in the studio, months of preparation and years of writing, the solo album is finally a reality

Carburetor is now available at the best digital retailers--iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Digital & more--

This project has been the focus of my attention for a long time.

The album features nine original songs that range from acoustic rock to country twang and ballads.

I decided on the name Carburetor as I was working on my motorcycle last summer. I snapped the cover photo of the carburetor just before I cleaned it up and rebuilt it. It was sitting on the tailgate of my truck at the time.

When I thought about how important the carburetor is to  the operation of my bike, I decided it was a fitting title.

The carburetor is where the air and fuel mixture come together before they're forced into the cylinder for The Big Show--Ignition

If you think of a song as the air and fuel, then the performance becomes the ignition-- the performer needs a product to perform. The higher the quality of the song, the more efficient the performance.

As I continued to wrench on my motorcycle on a warm spring day, I also thought about the fact that the carburetor is becoming a thing of the past. These days everything new is fuel-injected--no need for the carb. Still, I can't help but appreciate the older technology and the rumble of the engine as I roll down a back country road. It takes me back with the sound and feel of an old favorite song.

So there it is --Carburetor-- I hope you enjoy listening too it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Maybe these songs will someday rank among your old favorites. 


The carburetor from my old motorcycle that inspired the name of my solo album-Carburetor