"Junkyard Angel take me to town. She killed the last man that road her down." 

The words to that song and several other road songs ran through my head as I brought my old motorcycle back to life this week.  

When I'm not spending time with my family, writing songs or making music, I like to tinker. Over the past several months I've spent my spare time with a  1982 Kawasaki KZ.

The bike sat in a garage in Pittsford, Michigan for nearly 30 years, before I brought her home to give her a new lease on life. 

At first, things didn't go according to plan--It was difficult to find the time to work on her; money was tight and parts were difficult to find. She sat out a couple more riding seasons, collecting dust in my garage. 

I've owned a few Kawasaki motorcycles over the years. They're good bikes.

Now that the 82 is road-ready, I plan to put some miles on her as-is over the summer. It'll be nice to be back on two wheels. Then...She'll get the Rat Bike treatment over the coming winter. 

I know it seems like a long way off, and no one wants to talk about colder weather this time of year, but I'll also be back in the recording studio over the fall and winter, working on the next album: Road Songs.  I've already written a few songs for the album, which is slated for release in the summer of 2016. I'll bet some of the other songs will be born while I'm riding in the wind over the next few months. 

Meanwhile, Carburetor is getting good response. I'll be touring in support of it over the coming summer--and I'm looking forward to stopping in a  town near you!