Alternative Country-Rock Songwriter and guitarist Russ Kendrick Martin has released a new album of original material.

Carburetor debuted in digital format February 27th. The album features songs that span Martin's 20-plus year musical career.

Known for his gritty and often quirky take on everything from news headlines to everyday life, Martin is a fixture on the Midwest music scene. His solo show features performances on acoustic guitar, harmonica and ukulele. Along with his original material, the sets include stripped down versions of rock & country favorites.

Martin's stage presentation highlights his musical influences, which range from the classic country of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to the reggae of Bob Marley and rock from the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger and Led Zeppelin

In a recent interview Martin said, "I like music that tells the truth without taking itself too seriously. What's most important is the way the song makes the listener feel. If a song takes me somewhere, then I would call it a success.”

On the subject of his own songwriting Martin said, "I write songs the same way I make chili—put in the basic ingredients then season to taste—you can't go wrong that way."