The "Our Song" Challenge

Let's write OUR next song together! and you'll own a share of the copyright, registered with The Library of Congress.
It's free to enter and Here's how it works:
Step 1) Like the Russ Kendrick Martin Facebook musician page here.

Step 2) Click "share" on the "Our Song Challenge" post on the page, then type your "lyrics"** (up to 5 words) in the heading as you share on FBook
Step 3) encourage your friends & family to Like, Share and Contribute too.
Once we collect enough lyrics, I'll use them to write a brand new original tune.* Everyone who contributes will have their name included as a songwriter on the copyright application.*** (And of course you'll share in any royalty income from publishing OUR song.)

*Contest Holder reserves the right to arrange lyrics and set them to music in a way he feels will best represent the song.
**keep your lyrics clean.
Contest holder reserves the right to refuse any entries that are deemed inappropriate.

***As a contributor, you must do all three steps (Like, Comment & Share) to participate

**** Contributors are only entitled to a share of ownership in the song created as a direct result of this contest. The percentage of each contributors share is based on the number of contributors.

*****each contributor will receive a copy of the Copyright certificate when it's issued by The Library of Congress.